How to decorate our Diecast 1:18 Porsche 550 Spyder
like James Dean's legendary 
"Little Bastard ".



1. We'll work on MAISTO's silver gray 1:18 Porsche 550 A Spyder model. The price of the car is very variable, depending on where you purchase it. The price can vary between 16 and 55 euros (new or used). 30 euros would be a "normal" price. A german fabricant has just released in april 2012 a 1:18 model of the Little Bastard, but costs over 200 euros!.



2. We'll buy the decals or stickers featuring James Dean's "Little Bastard", for scale 1:18.

- But where can I get them?
 - Well, first of all do not even think about paying nonsense amounts of money for them (for example on the auction pages I've seen them for more than 50 euros each!), because they only cost about 6€ the lot (for two cars). You can buy them at Pattos Place. They got tons of decals and stickers for other thousand of racing and historical cars, and of course the "Little Bastard"'s, even for other scaling. You'll have to email Pattos with your wish and they will email you back with a total amount to pay, via paypal. Sending takes about 1 to 3 weeks from Australia to your home. I do recommend Pattos for any kind of decals and/or stickers for your models. They are safe, fast, clean and professional.
- How much do they cost?

 - About 6 euros (for two cars), and the shipping also cost about 6 euros.
- Do you recommend me decals or stickers?

 - I prefer decals, myself. It's true that stickers are more easy to put on, but the final finish is quite different. I'll explain and show this little matter below.
- So that's 6 euros for two cars then?

 - Yes. Each "lot" of decals or stickers comes for two cars. Actually there's also some extra decals, like "Little Bastard" in red colours.


3. If you have chosen the decals read the instructions that comes with in the letter. The basic things to do and keep in mind is:

Cut out the decal and soak the chosen piece in water for about 3 seconds, and leave it on absorbent paper for like 15 seconds, and then, slowly by the bodywork you remove the white back, placing the decal with care. If something goes wrong while placing the decal just apply some more water and rectify!. You'll carefully remove the excess of water.



4. You'll be able to move the decals for some seconds, until they are correctly placed. Apply some more water if neccessary.



5. Remember to cut with scissors as close as possible to the drawings. This matter is more important with the stickers, because the edges are quite more visible.



6. Decals: Very important to place them correctly within the first 10 seconds, using water and fingers. Decals will start drying after 4 minutes, y after 10 minutes they will be almost dry. Then there's no way back!. When you're finish with your work you'll let it dry for 24 hours in a safe place. Take care not to touch the decals. I recommend 2-3 days in a safe and quite place. And after some weeks / months they will be superb.



Decals: The red-stripes are actually a pain-in-the-ass. They are the hardest part of all is the bending part to the stoplights, because it seems impossible, but with alot of patience you'll do it. The secret is just to "fold" it every minute with your fingertip, trying to make it "glue". You'll also have to cut a bit the ending part of the red stripes in a 90 degrees, so you can bend one part on the other, and make it set better. Once almost done, just let it dry slowly for ... weeks... yes weeks, and you'll see how it fixes itself. Strange but true.

In some of my pictures it seems like the red stripes aren't perpendicular nor symmetrically placed, but it's only a photo - eye effect, because I can asure you they are ;)



7. You have probably seen that one of my Porsche's got silver steering wheel and another red. And some got bigger Porsche logos than others. It's because MAISTO has two, three or even up to four different kinds of the same car. Funny enough.



8. Differences between DECALS and STICKERS: On the right I have used sticker for "130", and on the left decal for "130". The "Little Bastard" are both decals. Now you maybe understand why I prefer decals ;)



9. Even though, from a 1 meter distance it's hard to say which one is decorated with stickers and which with decals. Can you tell me which one is decorated with stickers?. Hint: the one in the middle.



9. Ok, the real Little Bastard also had red interior. But I'm not a professional painter, so I'll leave that thing for others!. If you have any question just email me at



Some of my other Diecast 1:18
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Porsche 550 - Rally Martini Racing

So I removed the decals from one of my Little Bastard's, using my nails, water and lots of time - which means the
decals are good quality. After watching on eBay a Maisto Porsche 550 Martini, I decided to make one myself.
So I bought some Martini Racing stickers - not decals - for 1:18 diecast. I painted all 4 wheels with black paint,
put on the stickers like the one on eBay, and that's all :) Hope you enjoy it!




K.I.T.T.                                                                                     K.A.R.R.


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Porsche 356B Modificated into Rally Martini Racing. Modificated by me, using Martini stickers from Ebay or Pattos Place.
Bumpers been removed quite easily, and Martini stickers applied ad libitum.

Bburago's Porsche 356B comes in various colors. They have reedited the old diecast,
although made in China. Quality isn't the same. The one I got in white,
is made in Italy, 90'ies. The yellow and the gray one, year 2016, are both made in China.





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